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Furnace Repair

Are you in need of a furnace repair?

When it comes to furnace repair, nobody knows more than A & L Heating & Cooling.

How does a furnace work?

Here’s how a furnace basically works. To begin, a thermostat triggers the furnace to kick on and begin heating the home. There is a sensor in the home which signals when the temperature in the room has dropped past a certain set level. Once the signal is received, the furnace’s gas valve is then opened. From there, the gas and air are combined in the combustion chamber.

After mixing, the air and natural gas are ignited by the pilot light. This creates a flame to increase the temperature of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger retains the heat created inside metal tubes. Cool air enters the furnace from the top or the bottom, depending on the model. The air entering the furnace passes over the metal tubes. The heat from the tubes warms the passing air. The average temperature of the air circulated by a natural gas furnace is 115 degrees. This warm air travels through the ducts and is distributed throughout the home through vents and registers. Warm air naturally rises from the vents to heat the house. The furnace and the flow of the natural gas inside ends once the thermostat senses the home has reached the desired temperature.

Energy efficient heating and cooling

As a top heating and cooling contractor in Canton, Ohio, A & L Heating knows all too well the pros and cons of certain heating systems when it comes to energy efficiency. As one might expect, A & L has the ability to analyze a home’s size and needs to recommend the most appropriate heating solution to our individual customers.

The majority of U.S. homes are heated with furnaces. Natural gas is used by over half of Americans as the dominant heating source for their homes. It is the cleanest burning of any other fossil fuels. A furnace’s efficiency is measured by annual fuel utilization (AFUE). This measures how efficiently the furnace converts the natural gas into heat during a single year. For example, a furnace with a 90% AFUE means that 90% of the energy in the fuel becomes heat for the home while 10% escapes. An AFUE is displayed on the furnace so consumers can compare the efficiencies of different models. This is required by the Federal Trade Commission. It’s important to remember that the AFUE does not take into consideration the amount of heat lost through the ducts or piping.

Many home owners consider using an all-electric furnace. The AFUE rating for an all-electric furnace ranges from 95% to 100%. But, most all-electric furnaces are an uneconomic choice due to the high cost of electricity in most areas.

So what if you have an older, inefficient, furnace? Furnaces can be retrofitted to increase efficiency. These retrofittings include, but are not limited to, installing programmable thermostats, upgrading duct work, and adding zone controls. Making upgrades to older heating systems improves not only efficiency, but also safety. If your unit is likely to need replacing within a few years, you may want to convert to a completely new system. The owner must weigh the costs of retrofitting an old furnace against the costs of installing a new one. After all, installing a new system incorporates the most energy-efficient heating technologies available. Upgrading the efficiency of a furnace can cut a homeowner’s fuel bills by half.

Things to Consider Before Replacing a Furnace

Before buying a new furnace, a homeowner should first try to improve the energy efficiency of their home. A large amount of heat escapes through old window and bad roofing. Consider less costly improvements like replacing drafty windows or sealing gaps and cracks around door frames. If other improvements around the house do not improve energy efficiency, then a heating contractor should be contacted to determine what size furnace will be needed. A properly sized furnace will operate more efficiently. Normally, smaller units that take up less space can be used to replace an older furnace. It is also important to choose a dependable unit with warranties. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call A & L Heating & Cooling. We would be happy to discuss your situation and recommend the most economic and efficient heating solutions to meet your needs and fit your budget.

How do you maintenance your furnace?

For your safety, unless you are a trained HVAC professional, it is highly recommended that you do not perform maintenance on your heating system. Please call a licensed professional like A & L Heating to assist. While many homeowners would prefer to handle maintenance themselves, the following maintenance should be performed by a heating system professional:

  • Check the condition of your vent connections. These include ducts, pipes, and chimneys. Check for deterioration. If the chimney needs repairing, which can be costly, consider converting to a new system that would not use the chimney.
  • Check the heat exchanger. While leaks in the heat exchanger of a boiler system leak water and are easy to spot, the heat exchanger of a furnace mix combustion gases with house air when they leak, and are not detected by most. This is an important safety reason to have a professional inspect the heat exchanger.
  • Adjust the controls of the furnace to provide for both efficiency and comfort.
  • Have a trained technician perform a combustion-efficiency test if you are considering replacing or retrofitting your existing system.
  • Check the combustion chamber for cracks
  • Test for carbon monoxide
  • Adjust blower control and supply-air temperature
  • Clean and oil the blower
  • Remove dirt, soot, or corrosion from the furnace
  • Check fuel input and flame characteristics, and adjust if necessary
  • Seal connections between the furnace and main ducts.

Furnace Repair

A homeowner may try saving time and money by attempting to service their heating systems themselves, but the reality is, this is likely to result in the homeowner spending more time and money. Most manufacturers will not honor certain warranties if the homeowner, or other nonprofessional, has worked on the system causing further damage. Is it really worth it? Not when you compare it to the time, money, and headache that A & L Heating could have saved you.

Why hire A & L Heating & Cooling for your heating and air conditioning?

Furnace repair and installation can be a challenging task. A furnace affects not only the comfort of your home, but also the safety of your family. With so much at stake, for your home and your family, why would you entrust such an important job to just anyone? Use the professionals here at A & L. We promise great service, dependable technicians, and a quality product for your home at a fair price. Contact A & L today, a more comfortable home is just a phone call away.

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If you are looking for a heating and cooling contractor in any of these Northeast Ohio areas, contact us.

For your safety and warranty reasons you should not attempt to service your unit yourself.

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