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In the heat of summer, you depend on your air conditioner to work. Your family needs to stay cool on those 90 degree days! There are plenty of ways your air conditioner could stop working, but here are some common problems.


#1 The indoor or outdoor disconnect switch is off.

The solution to this problem is simple. If your unit’s indoor or outdoor disconnect switch was accidentally turned off, all you need to do is switch it back on.


#2 Your air conditioner’s coils are dirty.

Check the coils on both the inside and outside units to see if they are dirty. Coils are normally cleaned as part of a maintenance visit. If you notice your system is pushing out warm air, this could be the issue. 


#3 The circuit breaker tripped.

This may sound simple, but check your breaker box and see if the breaker for your HVAC system tripped. Reset it and see if the system works. Don’t forget this could be a sign that the circuit is overloaded, so this may not be a permanent fix. Be careful!


#4 Change or clean your air filter frequently.

Check the manufacturer’s advice and follow a regular filter cleaning or changing schedule. If your filter is dirty, it restricts airflow and can cause multiple issues with your system.


#5 The air conditioning unit’s capacitors aren’t working.

Your outdoor unit depends on two capacitors to get your system started and stay on. They look like two batteries and wear out overtime. It could be time to replace them. 


Bonus Tip:

Don’t forget to check the batteries in your thermostat. If your screen on the thermostat is blank, it could be that simple.


If your air conditioner isn’t working after trying these tips, you may need help from a heating and cooling expert. We’d love to help solve your problem and get you back to a cool home! We also offer regular maintenance visits to keep your system working at its best.



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