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As Spring begins, now is a great time to assess your HVAC system to make sure it’s ready for the warm months ahead. Here’s some steps you can take to prepare your unit for Summer. 

Cleaning Around Your A/C Unit

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your windows and carpets. Head over to your outdoor unit and clear out any leaves, sticks, weeds, grass, mulch or debris. This ensures clear air flow for your A/C unit.

Check Your Air Conditioner Drain Line

Excess moisture is produced as part of the cooling process. The water is drained out of your house through a line that looks like a hose. After your air has been running for a little while, check to see if some water is flowing out. There shouldn’t be a lot, but if there is none at all, your line could be clogged.

Change Your Air Filters

You’ve heard us recommend this before, and we’ll keep on recommending it. Be sure to change out your filters frequently, so your system runs efficiently. The dust and dirt caught in an old filter slows down air flow and wastes energy, costing you money.

Clean Up Your Air

If your family suffers from allergies, you may want to consider duct cleaning or an air scrubber. Duct cleaning is a great way to clear any built up dirt and dust throughout your ductwork. Air scrubbers help remove allergens, dust, germs and mold, providing cleaner air. Check out our air scrubbers and air cleaning services here.

Book a Maintenance Visit

Before the summer days hit, have an HVAC technician visit to check your system over. It many need a tuneup to prepare for the heat. This is the perfect time to catch any small issues before they become a costly problem. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your system going longer and working at peak shape. 

When you’re ready for a tuneup we’re here for you!


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