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As we move into the hotter months of the year, we rely on our air conditioning to work its magic and keep us cool and comfortable. Nothing feels better than coming inside after a hot day to cool down and unwind. That’s why it’s important to keep your air conditioning system in great shape. This means keeping up-to-date with your air conditioning maintenance. 

If it’s been awhile since you had your unit serviced, or you have had your unit for some time, watch out for any of these signs, because it might mean you need a tune up!

1. Your Air Conditioner Blows Out Warm Air

The last problem you want during the Summer is an air conditioner blowing out warm air. There are a few reasons this may happen. Some of these include: dirty coils or air filters, low refrigerant levels, or a problem with the electrical set up. 

2. Your Air Conditioner is Making Weird Noises

Everyone’s air conditioning system makes some noise, and you probably recognize what’s normal for your unit. However, if noises are starting to change or become louder, something could be happening. Watch out for banging, hissing, or other strange sounds.

3. Your Utility Bills are Higher

If you haven’t been running your air conditioning more than normal, but your bills are going up, this could mean your system isn’t running as efficiently as it should be. The system may be pulling more energy than it should to keep your home cool. Regular maintenance helps identify issues like blockages and aging parts that can cause problems with efficiency. 

4. Weak Air Flow

Does it seem like your ducts aren’t pushing out as much air as they used to? This could be because your air filter needs to be changed, or you could have a leaky duct. Get this fixed quick to ensure your system is running smoothly and to keep your energy bill down. 

5. Moldy Smells & Moisture in the Air

Your air conditioning unit is designed to produce cold air and keep humidity levels down. If you start to smell a musty damp smell, and it seems like it’s a little damp in your home, there could be a few reasons for this. Your evaporator coil may not be cooling down enough, or the drain tube on your outdoor compressor may have malfunctioned. Your unit most likely needs some help to prevent further issues. 

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