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Winter is on its way in Ohio, and we all know that means we’ll be turning up the heat to stay warm. When you turn up the heat, you also turn up your heating bill. At A&L Heating and Cooling, we’d like to provide you with some tips that could help you save money on your heating bill this winter.

#1 Turn Down Your Thermostat

This may seem obvious, or even simple, but turning your heat down by a degree or two will help you save. You probably won’t notice the difference either! Put on a pair of warm socks and a sweater to make up for the difference. You might as well make use of those Christmas presents!

#2 Turn Down Your Water Heater Temperature

Another simple way to decrease your heating bill is to lower the temperature on your water heater. You probably won’t notice the difference here either, but will reap the benefits. While you’re at it, leave the door open, and keep the ventilation fan off when you take a shower to let some extra heat out from the steam!

#3 Cover Up Your Windows

The nights are longer in winter, so cover them up when it’s dark out. This keeps the cold out and the heat in, so that warm air isn’t escaping. Don’t forget to open them back up in the morning, so the daytime sun can bring warmth.

#4 Check Your Outdoor Unit

Pop outside and see if the area around your heat pump has anything covering or blocking it. Be sure to clear the area around the unit, so it can perform at its best.

#5 Have a Seasonal Maintenance Check

Make sure your unit is running as efficiently as possible with a checkup before winter arrives. Technicians can diagnose any issues before they become a problem. Don’t forget to change your air filter too! Blocked filters mean your furnace/heat pump has to work harder to push air through, hiring your bill.

We hope these tips help keep your heating bill down this winter. If you need a maintenance check up, we’d be happy to help!


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