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Your furnace might not be something you think about on a daily basis. Coming home to a warm house in the middle of winter is a luxury that we may not pay attention to. However, walking into your house in the dead of winter to a broken furnace is a nightmare we want to avoid. Keeping you an your family warm is of utmost importance especially in Northeast Ohio.

Maintenance of Your Furnace

Although it is not advisable to attempt to service your unit yourself for safety and warranty reasons, there are a few steps you can take to insure your furnace is operating at peak level.

Once a month you should inspect, clean, or change your air filters. A dirty filter can increase energy costs and damage your equipment leading to early equipment failure.

Check your thermostat settings to ensure that your heating system keep you comfortable when you are at home and saves you energy while you are away.

Typical Maintenance Checkup

Your heating contractor in Massillon, Ohio should complete the following steps:

• Tighten all electrical connections – Faulty electrical connections may cause unsafe operation of your system and reduce the life of major components

• Lubricate all moving parts – Parts without proper lubrication can cause friction in motors and increase the amount of electricity you use.

• Check all gas connections, gas pressure, burner combustion, and heat exchanger – Improperly operating gas connections are a fire hazard and can contribute to health problems. A dirty burner can cause equipment to operate less safely and efficiently.

Insure Your Family’s Comfort

Follow the above steps to make sure your household is comfortable when you arrive home from a long day. The last thing you want is a freezing household when you open your door.

Choosing a qualified heating contractor can be a daunting task. Ask a friend or family member if they have used a certified professional HVAC expert. Research any suggestions online, read reviews, and interview the expert in order to make an educated decision.

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