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Winter or summer, there is always the question of how to keep your home comfortable without spending a fortune on utility bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, of the amount the average household spends on utilities, heating and cooling make up 40%, so it makes sense that these bills remain at the top of most homeowners cost-cutting lists.

Even with today’s technology, many homeowners continue to simply close the vents and the doors of the rooms they don’t use. Many also take the time to raise and lower the thermostat as they come and go to avoid wasting heating and cooling energy. Programmable thermostats are great for removing the manual aspect of this practice and getting your home comfortable at the time you prefer, but they don’t address the different areas of your home, especially those areas that aren’t used all the time.

At A&L Heating & Cooling, we recommend a zone control system for maximum savings on both heating and cooling. This is because a system custom designed for your home will achieve the greatest savings while also lengthening the life of your heating and cooling equipment.

How is a zone control system different from programming a thermostat?

A zone system can either be sensor-based or system-based. Either way, it regulates the temperature in various sections of your home based on usage and desired temperature. Rather than just closing a vent, your HVAC actually senses the temperature in a zone and maintains the temperature you choose by working with the heating and cooling equipment you have.

This is important because your HVAC system was built to keep your house comfortable based upon the number of rooms and square footage of the house. Closing vents in a room or section of your home can cause air to back up behind those closed vents, overworking your HVAC system and causing it to work less efficiently.

The goal here is to save you money, so we recommend a custom designed system that uses dampers within your ductwork to regulate the amount of energy devoted to each zone, getting maximum efficiency from your furnace and air conditioner. Multiple thermostats wired to a single control panel operate the various zones based on how you program each area.

Such a system is a great choice for multi-level homes, homes with flying bedrooms and homeowners with guest rooms that are infrequently used. By not heating or cooling spaces that are not in use and keeping each section at its optimum temperature, most homeowner realize a savings of up to 30%, quickly paying for any investment made in designing the zone system in the first place.

The zone control system does much more than simply turning down the heat at night or during daytime work hours, because most families can acknowledge that they do not live in every section of the house at all times. Temperatures can vary throughout the day, evening, overnight and morning hours based on how each space is used. You also overcome hot and cold spots in your home. For example, a basement or flying bedroom is harder to keep warm than the kitchen. Separate sensors keep these rooms comfortable without overheating others.

The professionals at A&L Heating & Cooling can work with you to address the specific heating and cooling challenges that exist in your home. A zoning plan designed for your home will reduce the workload on your HVAC system and keep it functioning at peak efficiency at all times.

Consider a zone control system for big savings on utility bills and maximum comfort for your family.

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